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Roger Waters Accidentally Defaces Elliot Smith Memorial Wall

Speaking of Elliot Smith, Roger Waters has inadvertently defaced an unofficial memorial wall dedicated to Smith.  Waters apparently kick-started a viral campaign to wheat paste an anti-war quote from President Eisenhower on walls across US cities to promote his up-coming tour of The Wall. Water’s employees wheat-pasted the quote on a wall in LA that had been a memorial of Smith to fans.  Waters has since apologized, and I’m sure it was an accident, but his hubris comes off clear with this quote:

I admit I didn’t know his music, but I’ve talked to people who do and it’s clear he was a young man who felt deeply, and any empathetic person wouldn’t have an issue with publicizing that quote.

Somehow, I doubt Elliot Smith would have liked defacing what was a special place to fans of music with what appears to be a social message disguised as advertising.  Roger Waters is officially a jack-ass in my book now.

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