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Song of the Day: “Tobacco Road”

I must admit I hadn’t heard this song until I watched the season premiere of Mad Men the other night.  Perhaps because I love early garage rock, or just the way in which the song was used I immediately went and bought it on Itunes.

The version used on Mad Men is a cover performed by UK group Nashville Teens in 1964.  The original was written by John D. Loudermilk, who didn’t have any success with the semi-autobiographical song.  As it turns out he actually had more success as a songwriter for other people including the Everly Brothers, Johnny Cash & Marrianne Faithful among others.

“Tobacco Road” was the only hit for the Nashville Teens in the US (though they did have some moderate success in the UK.)  War had a hit with the song as well.  (Which is funny, because at first I thought that Nashville Teen’s version was actually The Animals.)

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