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Spotify Indulges My Guilty Pleasures

Has anyone used Spotify yet?  I downloaded it last weekend (right before the Hurricane) and with the exception of Saturday afternoon, haven’t used it much. I’m not quite sure why. Perhaps, due to the free version I’ve downloaded I decided to indulge in guilty pleasures instead of songs that I actually like.

The same thing happened when I discovered Napster in High School. It was a gate-way to terrible songs that I never in my life pay for. With Napster, I could convince myself that I was justified in downloading some of these songs because I never paid for them. In my mind, if I paid for it that meant I either legitimately liked the song.

For instance, my Spotify playlist contains “Disco Inferno”. By all rights, I should be ashamed to admit that I even like that song let alone decide to put it on a playlist. Yet, “Disco Inferno” remains partly due to its inclusion in “Ghostbusters”.  Ten there’s Lenny Kravitz’ “Fly Away”. For some reason this song always made me laugh, hence its inclusion. Kravitz wants a party-vibe (the bass is especially funky) on this track, but over-all he sounds a little too sincere. “Girl, I gotta get away!” He shouts as the song draws to its conclusion. Dude, if you really feel that feel maybe a party isn’t the place to be.

Another song I threw on the playlist was The Mighty Mighty Bosstones “The Impression That I Get”. I’ve mentioned this song before (back when no one was actually reading the blog) as permanently stuck in 1997. For me, this song will always exist in the back of my Chevy Cavalier driving on the highway at 16 to get sour cream (or was it cream cheese?) for my mother. The blasting rhythms and saxophones perfectly captured my new-found freedom that came with my driver’s license.

Maybe this weekend, I will actually use Spotify to download some more appropriate tracks. But for now, I’m perfectly fine with using it to listen to songs which I should have no right really liking.



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