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Musings on Neil Young

I have a love-hate relationship with Neil Young.  I have a lot of respect for him, because like a lot of artists from that era he follows his own convictions – rarely straying from the path.  But unlike Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, Young’s career to me is remarkably inconsistent. Harvest, After the Gold Rush, Live Rust are all fantastic.  Harvest Moon, is the great middle-aged romantic album – the perfect soundtrack for summer turning into fall.

But when it all comes down to it – Neil Young has made an entire career based out of the two sides of Dylan’s Bringing It All Back Home. He’s switched between introspective acoustic folk, and guitar-freak sludge.  Even though some may rank Young as a great guitar player, I tend to prefer his softer-side –  this is where he really comes alive.   It’s not coincidence that the more popular version of “Hey Hey My My” is the acoustic version and not the electric.

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