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Pearl Jam Does Devo

Oh man, this is classic.  I seriously wish I could have been at this show.  And who says that Pearl Jam doesn’t have a sense of humor.  I’m a big PJ fan, but there’s a few of these songs that even I don’t know, or forget how they go.  Since PJ pretty much plays stuff from all over their catalogue on any given night, I doubt they would ever do a tour based on around performing a classic album from start to finish.  

And did anyone check out the collaborations for the 25th Anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Thursday and Friday?  I’m sure it was cool if you were there, Fergie singing “Gimme Shelter” with U2 and Mick Jagger?   I’m willing to be that she never heard the song before they rehearsed it.  

But here’s one collaboration that is actually better than you would expect.  


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