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Various Random News – Stones, Max Weinberg, Ryan Adams

– Billboard has a nice article on The Exile on Main St.  re-issue.  “ It’s important for us to do really well with this,” [marketing director of the Universal Strategic Marketing division of Universal Music Group International] Andrew Daw says. “If this was to flop badly, then the incentive for the band to invest time into doing future ones isn’t as attractive.” For the love of God people, buy this reissue!

– Max Weinberg won’t be returning with Conan when his new show starts.  While I like the Max Weinberg 7, this can only be good for the E-street Band.

– Ryan Adams is possibly going to release a new album soon.   Via his Facebook page, Adams’ writes: “New songs in the morning at one studio and Finishing old tunes in another in the evening! Trying to get it all together. Fingers crossed. Who Knows, Maybe I’ll even have to dust off the bat signal this fall…” It’s been a year and a half since a studio release from Adams, which is an eternity for him.

That’s it for now.  Have a good weekend.  See you on Monday.

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