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Man Vs. Food

Man Vs. Food has become my newest obsession.  And with the exception of Mad Men, is probably the best show on TV. I stumbled upon it by accident, and found myself shocked, horrified, and amused at the things Adam Richman could eat. And then I was hooked.

   Usually food eating contests, are quite disgusting.  Who wants to see a dude shove as much food into his mouth as quickly as he can? Luckily, the show doesn’t do that.  As Richman’s voiceover at the beginning of the states he’s “no competitive food  eater, just a guy with an appetite.”  And that’s true.  Most of the time he wins the competition, but there’s several when he lets “food win”.  

    I was excited to see that last night’s show would be visiting my hometown of Baltimore.  Sadly, they did not visit any of the place I’ve gone.  I was glad to see they included a section about crabs, and even being from around the area I did not know pit beef was a local thing.  That being said however, I was left wondering why the Baltimore area was shown as a carnivorous area.  

   If you’re looking for junk food and weird food items, what about Lake Trout?  Okay so The Blue Moon Cafe’s Cap’n Crunch French Toast has already been covered by Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives.  (Has Paper Moon appeared on any of these shows?  If anyone knows let me know.)  

   On a good note, now I know where to go to get Crab Cakes that don’t have mayonnaise.

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