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Unreleased Tracks


I’ve stated before that I’m pretty excited about this re-issue.  Exile on Main St is one of my favorite album by the Rolling Stones.  While Let it Bleed and Sticky Fingers might be better song-for-song, I find Exile to be an older and wiser version of Beggar’s Banquet.  Both albums incorporated blues and country into the frame-work, but while Beggar’s Banquet only sees these musical forms as inspiration, Exile exists as  soul, blues, and country all in one album.   It’s a fully realized piece of work where it’s not the Rolling Stones playing blues, country, or soul.  This blues, country and soul played by the Rolling Stones.  (And there is a huge difference, believe me.)

Rolling Stone has a lengthy interview with Mick and Keith about the re-issue.  I’m not going to decipher and analyze the interview here, because it might only interest me.  However, what did strike me about it was how reissues of albums differ from reissues of other forms of art-forms.   On albums like Exile unreleased tracks offer an inside view into the thought process that is taking place while recording an album.  It’s the same reason why the Beatles’ Anthologies and Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series remain endlessly fascinating for fans and critics.  With very few exceptions, the same can’t be said for authors of books and other artists.  Musicians don’t seem as guarded about their work as writers sometimes are.  Not many authors are willing to put their first draft or first story out for their audience to read.  

Of course this doesn’t mean that I want to spend time listening to every musician’s unreleased song.  There’s usually a reason why said songs are left off albums.  But in the case of geniuses like the Stones,  I’ll make exceptions.


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Keith Richards and Sobriety

In age where celebrities seem to end up in rehab all the time ,and Dr. Drew forces us to repent our destructive ways, thank God we still have Keith Richards to keep us all in check.  (I told someone last week, that Dr. Drew has Keith Richards on his wish-list for Celebrity Rehab.) Apparently there was a rumor he was sober?  Sober and Keith Richards are two words that I would never put together.  I ‘d like assume when a person is writing about Keith Richards being sober, they would also be writing an obituary or tribute.  

When asked about being sober, Richards told Rolling Stone, “Rumors of my sobriety are greatly exaggerated.”  Only Keith Richards could respond with something like that.  Lots of other musicians would respond with an answer that somehow emphasizes how they don’t drink.  (Not that they would necessarily say they were sober, though.)  

 Many others have imitated Keith’s style in both music and drug use.  (Hell, the Black Crowe have made a pretty good career out of it.)  The I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude towards everything except music is what makes him one of the best musicians in rock and roll.  With every riff that Keith lays down you can feel the sweat, smell the cigarettes and taste booze.  The guy has lived and it shows in the music especially the albums in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  

Check it out for yourself:


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