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Songs For Cap’n Crunch

Apparently, Cap’n Crunch might retire. As a huge fan of the cereal,this is an outrage.   While there are many songs that specifically mention Cap’n Crunch, musicians do love their cereal.  So here’s a post dedicated to you, Cap’n.

Milk & Cereal – G. Love & The Special Sauce

“Cereal Song” – Bob Forrest

“Milky Cereal” – LL Cool J

“Cornflake Song” – Dick Prall


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George Harrison

Solo: “Wah Wah”

Today would be George Harrison’s 68th birthday.  Oddly enough, I was listening to All Things Must Pass earlier this morning without realizing it was his birthday until I saw it on list of birthdays I have on one of my news aps for my phone.  Thanks for the inspiration, George.


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