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Weekend Wrap-Up: James Jamerson, Rally For Sanity, And More

This week’s theme on James Jamerson was kind of lacking in my usual long postings.  I apologize.  It’s been a crazy week, I have to say.  To make up for it, here’s a pretty awesome clip of him performing “What’s Going On” with Marvin Gaye:

Yesterday, along with my girlfriend and several friends, I attended the Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear.  For the first time in many years, I felt a sense of connection with a lot of Americans.  Seeing Ozzy and Yusef Islam (Cat Stevens) duel between “Peace Train” & “Crazy Train” was pretty surreal.  The event also reminded me of how fantastic of a band The Roots are.  They can play with just anybody.  And their own set (with John Legend) was pretty fantastic as well.  It was also great to see Jeff Tweedy laugh and smile as Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart guided him on how to play guitar on their hilarious, “America Is The Greatest, Strongest Country In The World”.

Ozzy & Cat Stevens:

Yesterday also marked the tenth anniversary of U2’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind – an album that reestablished their reputation after the (mostly) terrible Pop album in 1997.  This album has meant a lot to me over the years, and I definitely rank it as one of U2’s best moments.  While most people probably remember it for “Beautiful Day” and “Elevation”, the song “Stuck in A Moment” has got to rank among U2’s best songs.


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