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Song of the Day: “Here Comes Your Man” – Pixies

According to my Itunes stats, I’ve played “Here Comes Your Man” 146 times.  It’s not my absolute favorite song, but I consider it one of my “go-to” songs.  It’s utter-bliss power-pop.  It’s also unusual and not akin to the Pixies’ normal sound.  In fact, it sounds more like a Beatles’ song circa Revolver – with Joey Santiago’s lead guitar taking a page right out of George Harrison’s leads.  In fact, the opening chord is very reminiscent of the opening of the Beatles’ classic “A Hard Day’s Night”.

A friend of mine once said he was going to use “Here Comes Your Man” as the opening song of his wedding.  Title aside, it’s not romantic.  It’s hard to figure out exactly what Black Francis (Frank Black) is singing about, but the word “box car” appears several times.  Is it about waiting for a train, and the man who is coming is a train driver.   The wait is so long, Francis declares (with bassist Kim Deal echoing “so long, so long”) but not to worry, “here comes your man”.  Francis and Deal take the chorus together, in perhaps the Pixies most melodic one.  (Though not their most popular song – thanks to Fight Club “Where is Your Mind” remains the group’s biggest hit.)

What makes “Here Comes Your Man” so enjoyable, is that it is a pop song at heart, yet played Pixies style.  It’s accessible, yet it still retains most of their quirks – odd subject matter and the combination of Deal and Francis’ vocals.

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