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Embarrassing Itunes Purchases

I put my Itunes on shuffle this morning and was shocked (shocked!) to discover that I was suddenly listening to Neil Diamond’s “America” on my headphones.  Where the hell did this come from?   I hate Neil Diamond.  Granted, I do have nostalgia for “America” from it being in an episode of Reading Rainbow….

Oh now I get it.  

I must have somehow decided it was a good idea to purchase “America” when I was feeling nostalgic.  (It wasn’t – the play-count is listed as 3 including this morning.)  After pumping my fist to Neil Diamond shout out “they’re coming to America!  TODAY!” I decided to look at other embarrassing purchases I made when not exactly in the right state of mind.  And music snob that I am, even I make mistakes sometimes.  Today I am going to air my terrible purchase laundry with the public. 

Among the terrible purchases:

The entire Dark Knight soundtrack: Great movie without a doubt. Not so much the soundtrack.  When it came out, I must have had Batman fever.  I forgot that I had it until now.  I do recall waking up one morning and thinking, “Why do I have the Dark Knight soundtrack?”

Counting Crows – Rain King.  Perhaps I wanted to feel 13 again?

The Cranberries – Zombie, Linger and Ode to My Family.  These are all terrible, terrible songs.  Zombie is a trite attempt at protest.  How can anyone take it seriously?  Linger is probably the best, but Ode to My Family is the musical equivalent of a movie like The Notebook or Dear John.  

DMX – What These Bitches Want.  I actually stand by this one for hilarity value.  A entire verse where DMX lists every single girl he’s been by name and a cameo by Sisqo? Perfection.

Fastball – The Way.  A sour attempt at writing a Springsteen-esque song about getting away.  Apparently I downloaded it from The Best of Fastball.  They had more songs?!

Jose Feliciano – Feliz Navidad.  I once made the statement that this dude has made the most out of doing the bare minimum in the music business.  It’s the same fucking words repeated four or five times in a row and it’s played all the time at Christmas.  

LL Cool DJ – Mama Said Knock You Out.  I thought this song was great when I was about 15.  Either I’ve aged, or this song has aged badly.  The verdict is still out.

Thin Lizzy – Whiskey in the Jar.  This one is interesting.  Sometimes it is the greatest export from Ireland even over Guinness.  Of course it might take about 6 Guinness for me to think that…

I’ve since toned down my terrible purchases from Itunes, but as you can see the damage has already been done.

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