Reptar Interview: “Rugrats Stole the Name From Us”

Once again, thanks to Randomville I had the opportunity to interview Athens-based Reptar.  Reptar is definitely my favorite of all the musicians who I’ve recently interviewed. I saw them earlier this year opening for Matt & Kim and I immediately bought their EP.  Definitely a band worth checking out. They’ll soon be hitting the road with Foster the People.

Here’a section of the interview:

Reptar is the name of a green dinosaur from Rugrats. What gave you the idea to call the band that?

Everybody is misinformed. Rugrats stole the name from us. Andrew (the drummer) has a tradition in his family that every male gets a tattoo three days after they’re born. Nickelodeon got it from a similar source. It’s been in the family for so long. I guess they just kind of dealt with it.

Read the rest over at Randomville.


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  1. Fiona.q

    interesting look~

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