Vinyl Love!

I’m a big fan of vinyl.  Even in the age of digital convenience, I still prefer the pops and hisses that only vinyl can provide.  There’s also a warmth and depth to the sound that is lost.  I’ve been collecting records for about 5 or 6 years now and have managed to find quite a few of my favorite albums either in record stores or by chance in thrift stores.  Some others have also been give to me by siblings an friends.  For special selections which I must have, I go to Baltimore’s Soundgarden and pick up re-issues of classic albums.

As my collection has grown I’ve ended up with about 60 records in total.  Many of them are personal favorites (Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, U2, Johnny Cash), but others are just odd and random selections (German Beer Hall Music, Eastern European Gypsy Music, the soundtrack for The Sting).

A few months back, my girlfriend and I started what we like to call Record Night, which funnily enough was inspired by a scene from the movie Easy A.   Every Wednesday night we sit down, pick a record and sit down and listen to it.  Since a lot of music listening is in the background for many listeners (in the car, on the subway, running etc) it’s refreshing to actually to be able to just listen and digest the art for what it is.

Here’s what we’ve listened to so far.

The Sounds of SilenceSimon & Garfunkel

Irish Favorites – The Best of the Mummers – “Aqua String Band

Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits

This is Johnny Cash

No Jacket RequiredPhil Collins

High NoonTex Ritter;  Smash HitsThe Jimi Hendrix Experience

She’s So UnusualCyndi Lauper

Get Happy!! – Elvis Costello and The Attractions


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6 responses to “Vinyl Love!

  1. Nice, eclectic list! That must be fun to just sit and listen. My first album was Tom Petty’s “Damn the Torpedoes” and I am dying to play it on a turntable again sometime. Also, B-52’s first album, with “Planet Claire” popping and cracking with with the walkie-talkie on vinyl is awesome.

    Jack White’s Third Man Records is bringing back the vinyl with their Rolling Record Store that has been making appearances at big music events, such as SXSW and Bonnaroo.

    • I’ve read about White’s rolling record store. Sounds awesome. I definitely need to check out the B52s…what I’ve heard I’ve always like though I only know the big songs. It’s kind of amazing that they came out around the same and area as REM and yet both bands are totally different, but also slightly in the same vein.

  2. Vinyl’s the way to go now, being the only aspect of the music industry to gain shares in recent years. I love it ‘cuz it’s cheap. I’ll find $1 or 50 cent records at thrift stores, and at that price, you’re allowed to experiment. I’m sure I would’ve discovered the awesomeness of Billy Preston without a record player, but it would’ve taken longer. Or how horrible Aerosmith was, even in their prime. Toys in the Attic my ass!

    • That’s exactly what I do. There’s albums I found that I would have never thought about listening to had it not been for finding a cheap version of it on vinyl. My girlfriend bought a Cindi Lauper album a while back and it’s a lot of fun to listen to. I’ve never checked out Billy Preston’s solo stuff, but he’s always been one of my favorite side-men playing with the Beatles, etc. As far as Aerosmith goes, somebody once told me like 10 years ago that they used to rock and I listened to their early stuff and it’s not much better than their crappy 90s stuff. Though I do have a soft spot for “Dream On”.

      • Everyone has a soft spot for “Dream On.” It was the only song I could remember liking after going through their first two or three albums. They really were a second-rate New York Dolls!

        As for the B-52s, their first two albums (S/T and Wild Planet) are amazing. “Rock Lobster” from the first one is just the tip of the iceberg. That Athens scene was bigger than just REM and the B-52s though. Most of the Butthole Surfers stronger Touch and Go output came from that town (I’m looking at you, Locust Abortion Technician and Hairway to Steven!) Not to mention the Method Actors and countless others. All sounded totally different, but all within that same sonic vein.

      • Oh wow…I had no idea the Butthole Surfers were from Athens. I haven’t heard much, but I’ve always liked what I heard. I’ll definitely have to check them out. I wonder if there will ever be a scene like Athens again. As much as I love the internet, I can’t help but feel that it kind of erodes creativity in a localized area. Perhaps I’m wrong…but since everyone has access to what is taking place in other areas – things seem to have become homogenized to a certain extent. I hope I’m wrong.

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