Matt & Kim Tonight



I’m going to see Matt & Kim tonight at Baltimore’s Ram’s Head Live.   I’m not usually into the whole indie-pop/dance scene that seems to be gaining some legs, but Matt & Kim are a lot of fun.  Hopefully, a full re-cap tomorrow.


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6 responses to “Matt & Kim Tonight

  1. have fun! we were talking about matt & kim during liam’s rehearsal dinner, right? i haven’t seen them live yet. hope it’s a great show!

    • Yeah we were talking about them and Mates of State – who are also really good live. It’s funny…I would have never have thought that bands dominated by keyboards would be good live. I guess I’ll have to rethink that….

  2. Can’t wait to hear about it! Thanks to a friend, I have been listening to their title album and Sidewalks alot lately. I always like to hear how people are live. Enjoy the show!

    • They were quite impressive live. They were so engaged and into it – their energy was unbelievable. A lot of the crowd were younger…but it always makes me happy when teenagers (or younger) are into good music.

  3. That’s one crazy video! Have fun!

    • You should definitely check them out if they come around your area. I remember thinking at one point I might have to re-arrange my concert list. (Of course, I probably won’t until I have tons of more shows I’ve been to.)

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