Steven Tyler on American Idol

I’ve only ever watched a few episodes of American Idol – never really had much interest.   Yet – I find the addition of Steven Tyler to be fascinating.  Dude is a loose canon.  He went AWOL from his band in 2009 then showed up at one of Joe Perry’s concerts totally out of his mind.  Not since Liam Gallager decided to disappear from his post as singer at Oasis’ Unplugged performance  – only to come back and heckle his brother mid-performance – has inner-band turmoil resulted in such hilarity.

This is exactly what Idol needs.  An unhinged and unapologetic character.  Simon Cowell may have been honest, but his smugness threatened to overrule any actual critique he was making.  You got the sense he enjoyed ridiculing people in front of millions.  But Tyler will be good at his job and also hilarious – though maybe without actually trying.

There are those critics who suggest someone of Tyler’s stature should not be a judge on American Idol.  He is after all, a rock star.  Kid Rock and Tyler’s Aerosmiths’ bandmates have suggested that by taking the job he has made Aerosmith into a joke.  Really?  They weren’t already?  At least Tyler has had the sense to view the whole thing with a wink.  The rest of Aerosmith just seem to be pissed that they were never in The Rolling Stones.



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