Great Songs By Bad Artists: “The Impression That I Get”

The late 90s were a weird time for music.  The ska-revival was one of the strangest things that happened to music.  If the early 90s were all about grunge and being angry, then the late 90s apparently seemed to be all about having fun and dancing.  Or so No Doubt, Reel Big Fish, and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones would tell you.

Every time I hear “The Impression That I Get” I’m 16 years old again, driving in my first car blasting the radio as loud as I can.  It’s a song that makes me want to jump up and dance around like a lunatic even as I write this post.  (Man, I really want to play air-trumpet right about now.)

What really makes “The Impression That I Get” great is that is has achieved a rare feat in popular music: it is ageless.  (Not to be confused with timeless, I might be add.)  The song hasn’t aged well, it hasn’t aged terribly either.  It is forever stuck in the summer of 1997.  If you don’t believe me, trying tell me you don’t feel like you did in 1997 when you listen to it.


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2 responses to “Great Songs By Bad Artists: “The Impression That I Get”

  1. “Bad Artist?” Out of all the ska-revival bands out there, I think I rank the Bosstones the highest. Mainly ‘cuz their love for hardcore is almost as transparent as their love for ska. Plus, I know tons of people (inclusive) who rank their live show as one of the best.

    Plus x2, they employ a man to dance. Dance the entire show. Name another band who’s that nice to their friends.

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