Great Songs By Terrible Artists: “The Way” – Fastball

By all rights “The Way” shouldn’t work – there’s too many classic rock influences all jammed into one song.  But it’s so catchy, and so good. The theme of the song is pure Springsteen – traveling and driving to get away, without ever really knowing your destination.  Jesus, it even unfolds like a story just like “The River”.   The organ that plays in the beginning of the song is early 60’s garage rock, and the band clearly have that in mind with their nicely fitted suits, and well groomed side-burns as seen in the video.  And when the guitars finally kick in – it’s The Edge’s delay pedal they’ve found.  This song is destined for a higher calling, and the chorus haven’t even arrived yet!  The harmonies, well try as Fastball may, they’re certainly not the Beach Boys.  But does it matter at this point?

As the drummer bops his head just like Ringo as he plays, you’re smiling too.  And as if you think Fastball has gone too far cramming the entire history of rock into one singular song – they release not one, but TWO rockabilly style solos so perfect that they made Brian Setzer all but disappear!

For all of these reasons, “The Way” earns a spot for one for one of the best single of the 90s.


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7 responses to “Great Songs By Terrible Artists: “The Way” – Fastball

  1. Yeah, absolutely. The song came completely out of nowhere, it crams all those influences in while remaining pretty simple, and it sounds timeless and like mid-late 1990s all at once.
    I’m not sure I’ve knowingly heard even one other Fastball song, though. Talk about a one-hit wonder.

    • It’s funny because I just noticed all of this stuff an hour ago – like 5 minutes before I wrote it. I downloaded “The Way” from their greatest hits off itunes, and my reaction was one of shock: “they had more?!”

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  3. Sean

    Used to get this song and that Shrek band–walking on the sun mixed up. Came out about the same time.

  4. Smash Mouth? Oh man I forgot about them.

  5. pete satterfield

    i think reel big fish did a really cool version of hungry like the wolf. if u havent heard it check it out…….i saw the mighty bostones at lalapaloozer one year

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