Second Careers of Great Artists

Okay, so I finally thought of a new theme for this week.  Today, Elvis Costello is releasing his new album National Ransom, which I will (hopefully) soon be getting.  But if you follow him as much as I do, you know that in the past 5 or 6 years he has released some of the best albums of his career – The River in Reverse (with Allen Toussaint), Momufuku, & Secret Profane & Sugarcane. The same goes with Bob Dylan (“Love & Theft”, Modern Times, Together Through Life, etc.).  Too often, an artists earlier work overshadows their newer (and sometimes brilliant) later works.

So this week’s theme will cover great artists who I think have a career resurgence in recent years.  (Though Leonard Cohen and Van Morrison’s recent shows have been brilliant – their newer work haven’t quite measured up to their old standards.  I know a couple of people who will disagree with me about Van Morrison, but Greil Marcus does, and that’s enough for me.)

If you think of any you wanted to my list, let me know.

More later.


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