Help With This Week’s Theme – Suggestions Needed


I can’t seem to think of an idea for this week’s theme.  Does anyone have any suggestions on something I could do?  I’m open to any and all suggestions.  So fire away dear readers!



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2 responses to “Help With This Week’s Theme – Suggestions Needed

  1. pete satterfield

    maybe you should do a bit about covers. and sampling. idea…….dylan writes and sings all over now baby blue…..van morrison and them cover it……..beck samples them’s version for a whole new song on odelay. odd…william shatner…odd…his covers not so much. did you know you can almost sing the wind cries mary to van morrison’s and it stoned me. funny. but dylan and covers a whole different ball game. this comming from someone who digs self portriat.

    • I’m pretty sure I wrote about Van’s version of “Baby Blue” a while back. I had no idea about the “The Wind Cries Mary” and “It Stoned Me”. I wrote about that track a while back as well. You know that the guitar solo in “Jesus of Suburbia” is the melody of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”? Not kidding. Pretty crazy.

      I actually played Lindsey the version of “The Boxer” from Self Portrait. She thought it was hilarious.

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