The Who To Re-Issue Live at Leeds (Again)

The Who are apparently going to re-issue an expanded version of their landmark live album, Live at Leeds as a 4-disc boxed set.  The set also includes the famous Hull concert, which was recorded the night before, but due to recording issues that concert was scrapped for the Leeds show.   This is the 3rd time that The Who have re-issued Live at Leeds.  The 1995 remaster expanded on the original 6 track LP, and then in 2001 a deluxe edition was put out to include the entire concert. 

I have both the 1995 remaster and the 2001 edition and have gripes with both editions.  Even though the 1995 remaster has 14 tracks and omits Tommy (with the exception of “Amazing Journey/Sparks”) it actually sounds better than the 2001 edition.  The guitars and the drums pack a harder punch.  Somehow, on the 2001 edition the rawest live album, by rock’s rawest live band got cleaned up. 

The Who played (most of) Tommy in its entirety during this period in the middle of the set.  Then they could come back and play a string of covers (“Summertime Blues”, “Shakin’ All Over”)and hits (“My Generation”, “Magic Bus”, etc.)  For some reason, on the 2001 edition they decided to put all of Tommy on one disc, and the rest of the concert on another.  It’s a minor issue, but since they’re releasing this 40th Anniversary boxed-set, I would have thought they would have corrected it.  No dice.  

Also, I didn’t see it on the write-up, but I’m guessing that they still didn’t release the “full” version of “Magic Bus”.   On all versions of the album, there are two minutes cut out.  After 40 years and 4 different editions of “Live at Leeds” fans still don’t have the entire show.


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