A Whole Week of Elliott Smith

(Song selection coming tomorrow.)

Fall days can be warm, but the night is (usually) cool enough to wear be comfortable with just a hoodie on.  The green landscape has given way to an orange hue.  The crisp cool air is a relief after the burning hot days of summer.  Yet underneath the reprieve from the heat – there is a certain sadness that comes with fall.  The days are getting shorter, and soon even the orange and red leaves will turn brown.  Before you know – winter is around the corner.

There are many albums and artists that perfectly capture the seasonal limbo between summer and winter – and perhaps known more so than Elliott Smith.  His catalog fits the mood of the changing weather patterns – the music itself is warm.  His voice was adrift and thin – like leaving falling from the trees.  It’s also perfect for sitting on the peach late at night.

Smith was sometimes described as a folk-punk (something like could be attributed to Ryan Adams – who before turning sober was equally as trouble as Smith).  Unfortunately, I was not too familiar with his work when I saw the news of his death back in 2003.  It wasn’t until a year later when I reviewed the posthumous From a Basement on the Hill, that I realized the true depth of his work.  Like the best of my musical heros (Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen and Van Morrison) the quality of Smith’s unreleased material ranked with the best of his work.  (New Moon confirmed this as well.)

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