Anniversary Week: “The Fixer” – Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam aren’t really a band that is known for happiness.  Yet “The Fixer” is not only a joyous, in another first for Pearl Jam it is about the closes they come to real pop-song.  It starts out with a pretty solid riff that continues throughout the song.  The song achieves its catchiness as Eddie Vedder sings, “yeah yeah yeah,” during the chorus.

Last year’s Backspacer found Pearl Jam revitalized after a decade of being in the wilderness.  There are many good songs in that era, but too often the albums were unfocused and meandering.  But as always, Pearl Jam seemed to be alive most when they played live – and they finally achieved it again with Backspacer.  When Eddie Vedder sings, “when something’s lost, I want to fight to get it back again” you get the sense that he’s not just talking about himself.

Pearl Jam “The Fixer”:


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