You Say It’s Your Birthday…

September marks the first anniversary of Leading Us Absurd.  I started this blog as a creative outlet for my writing.  The tagline has always been “music, pop culture and general absurdity”.  From the beginning it was always mostly going to be about music, but since most of the most I listen isn’t current or contemporary I had a hard time coming up with a format and trying to stick with the music theme. Sometimes I wrote about movies, or even Sesame Street at one point.   It didn’t really help that I didn’t really keep a schedule for blogging either.

In February thanks to two obnoxious blizzards that plagued Baltimore within a week of each other, I decided to really start blogging and update every single day.  Since then I’ve (mostly) kept to blogging about three or four days a week.   Usually this meant whatever I was listening to at any given time.  Naturally, this meant a lot of Bob Dylan – and I’m eternally grateful to ExpectingRain for linking all of my posts on Dylan.

In June, I decided to give myself a weekly theme format and so far that’s been working out well.  Around the same time, I started a new job, so it became a little harder to blog with as much regularity as I had before.  I’d like to think that I’m starting to get back on track.

Since this is a music blog, this week’s theme is going to going to my favorite songs from the past year.  (September 2009 – September 2010.)

Bet you didn’t think I listened to current stuff, huh?



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2 responses to “You Say It’s Your Birthday…

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    Continue the excellent work!

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