A Change Is Gonna Come…

I’ve decided that Leading Us Absurd needs an over-haul.  When I started this blog, I just wanted to write about music.  I figured the blogosphere would force me to write every single.  To a certain extent this is true, I’ve pretty much kept to since about February.  It was easier at the beginning because the blog was new and I was excited that people would actually read my writing and thoughts.

Don’t fear, this is not a post stating that I will be shutting down the blog, or taking a break.  Rather, I feel I need a declaration of intent.  Too often I find I ramble and write about things that I like (which is great) but sometimes I find it difficult to find a topic daily without relying on certain artists (ie – Bob Dylan.)  I don’t listen to many “new” artists so the idea writing about a breaking group wouldn’t really work.  I haven’t hung around the Baltimore music scene (is there one?)  to really get a feel, and post about it.

So what am I going to do you ask?  I’ve decided writing about a specific song daily will give me a sense of focus.  They can either be songs I’m listening to at the moment, songs I’ve just discovered, or observing a song’s anniversary or historical significance.  I’ll also to include personal reflections and stories as to why these pieces of music mean something to me.

This doesn’t mean I’ll stop posting the longer essays such as the Dylan and James Joyce comparison.  (I actually have a couple of more longer pieces that I’m working on, so stay tuned for those.)  Hopefully the daily song format will give me more satisfaction with Leading Us Absurd.

Hopefully I’ll try the first of this new format later today, but for now there’ soccer to be watched.  And as always, thanks again for reading.



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3 responses to “A Change Is Gonna Come…

  1. Hey man,
    I know what you mean about the declaration of intent. The 1990s and early-00s blogosphere was fantastic in that you could write about anything at any time and gain a following. That’s largely gone now.
    I think the format’s good — doesn’t tie you to a particular genre/time, so there’s less chance you box yourself in — and if it leaves you time to still work on a big piece, that’s excellent.
    Good luck, and keep up the work.

    — James

    • Matt Satterfield

      Hey man. Thanks for the feedback. As I’ve read more and more I just realized that I didn’t have a particular niche where I could attract more readers, so thats why I came up with the idea. What have you been up to lately?

      • Been up to working, mostly. D.C.’s not cheap, ha. Doing a bit of intermittent blogging on editing and social media, but that’s almost as much to keep in practice as to really draw a big audience. And I’ve been going to a bunch of baseball games to break up the routine.

        But yeah, things are good — job, living situation, life. I’ll take it.

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