Recommendations For Me?

Every time I log onto Itunes, laugh at the recommendations that it gives me for music that I would like.  A lot of the stuff they recommend I already have, but sometimes I find their suggestions almost offensive.  Today Itunes wants me to buy a record by Danity Kane.  Not even a single song, but rather an entire album.  Who owns an entire Danity Kane album?   Though Pandora isn’t trying to get money out of you, I have given up on them after some of the insane artists they thought I would like.  Boston?  Steve Miller?  Seriously?  I’m a music snob.)

This soul-less recommendation is one of the many reasons why I’m sad to see CDs go, and with it the record store.  I buying a CD and asking the clerk what other things are good, or what is new.  I like to build up a good relationship with the record store clerk, and let them know that I have good taste.  That way, they can highlight some new artist that I have never heard of.  This also works in reverse though – if I’m buying a gift I want it to be known that the purchase was not my choice – “No sir this Dave Matthew album isn’t for me.”   I don’t want anyone telling me that official bootleg #466 had a particularly awesome extended jam of “Crash Into Me”.

But one of the other reasons why I don’t like like the recommendations on Itunes is that it takes away self-discovery of music.  While listening to a clip of a song is great it takes away the element of surprise.  When my older brother lived at home, his CD collection was probably somewhere in the 300 range.  I didn’t really know anything about the Velvet Underground, but I picked it up because the album cover looked cool.

I know I asked for recommendations the other day, but Itunes I didn’t ask for yours.


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  1. Deirdre

    No idea if you will like them or not…and actually everyone I’ve ever recommended them to thought I was insane…but one of my favorite bands ever is The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (or just Blues Explosion, as per their last album). Jon Spencer was originally in Pussy Galore and his wife is the lead singer of Boss Hog. They have several albums spanning the 80s, 90s, and early 00’s. Mixture of punk, what I’ve heard referred to as “f*ck-rock” (is that really a genre?) and blues. My favorite albums are “Damage” and “Extra Acme”, which I think is a collection of b-sides from another album. I’ve never heard anything else like them, and they are amazing live (seen them twice, both times for free). I love them. Noone else I know does. If you don’t like them, don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂

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