I Need A New Band To Obsess Over

While I sometimes pride myself on liking older artists, I find it hard to get into newer or current artists.  There have been very few “new” artists that I have really been impressed with in the past few years (Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, TV on the Radio, My Morning Jacket).  And I while I love records by all of those artists, I’ve also worn them to death.  None of these groups have a vast  catalogue I can explore and discover new things about.  They also don’t have the same nostalgia for me like a group like R.E.M. does.

I really need a new group because I miss the excitement that they bring to a live show.  I’ve pretty much seen all of my old heroes live at one point or another (or several times) and while I absolutely love hearing “Like a Rolling Stone”, or “Where The Streets Have No Name”, it’s not the same as somebody new coming along and absolutely killing it live.  I want that seem feeling that I had in 2005 when I first saw Kings of Leon before they blew up and became radio favorites.  Perhaps I just want to be part of the cultural zeitgeist before it actually happens.

Does anyone know of any new good groups I could listen to?


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