Bands Worth Checking Out – The Gourds

Does anyone remember that cover of Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice” attributed to Phish back in the days of Napster?  As it turns out, it’s not actually by Phish but by the Texas alt-country band, The Gourds.  Their version of “Gin and Juice” while hilarious, eventually turns into a novelty.  (It could have only caught fire in the Napster-age.)  But The Gourds are a rare breed of a band – they’re a glorified bar band that sometimes close to be a reincarnation of the most celebrated of alt-country groups – The Band.   Each member plays an integral part of the group, playing several different instruments much like the dynamic that make up The Band.  And unlike other alt country artists that can sometimes be too somber (think Ryan Adams) The Gourds concentrate on having fun.  And they provide an educational experience as well – if you can’t remember the names of the lower 48 states, just sing along with the bridge from “Lower 48” and you’ll have them memorized in no time.

Check out “Lower 48”:


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