Tour Cancellation

I’m already somewhat aggravated U2 cancelled their summer tour – but that was with good reason.  Bono pulled out his back.  Christina Aguilera decided to pull hers, because she doesn’t have enough time to prepare and is starring in a movie later this summer?  Why the hell did you book in in the first place?  Why wait until the tickets are on-sale?  Are you so ego-centric  you need to know  fans still want to see you perform, and then pull the plug once you know there’s a demand?

Aguilera has already been criticized for her new video, which blatantly rips off Lady Gaga.  If I were a fan of hers (I’m not) I’d be pissed.  For a female singer who was once a queen, she’s just bitter her crown has not only been taken, it’s been smashed in front of her face.

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