Art, Lady Gaga and American Idol

Lady Gaga is pissed at American Idol for chopping a good two minutes off of her performance on American Idol of “Alejandro” on Wednesday night.  Going against my usual pop-snobbery, I like Lady Gaga.  But this whole scenario feels tacky.  Just like many of the contestants on the show, Gaga has to make the appearance about her and how she got robbed.

I’m not an Idol fan by any means, but the show is not about the performers, or Simon Cowell, or Lady Gaga’s performance.  It’s about audience participation.  It’s a form of democracy for fans in the music business.  They ultimately get to pick who wins and loses.  They are the real stars of that show.  Perhaps thats why a lot of the albums bomb once the Idol’s debut is made. The connection between audience is lost.  They no longer have control, and seem disinterested.

But something that happens when people get on Idol stage, and they forget the audience connection.  This is especially true for Gaga, who is known for loving her fans, and is so devoted to them.  (Has any recent stars been so obsessed with her fans as Gaga?)  When contestants are asked why they chose specific songs, they always try to apply it to their own situation.  Sometimes you have to remove yourself from the picture into to make great art – Gaga should know it.  With all of her crazy outfits, we never get to find out the real her.  But this week, we finally saw into the real Gaga’s psyche.


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