U2 360 Tour Alters MLB Schedule

U2’s summer 360 tour has caused the Los Angeles Angels, Toronto Blue Jays and the Oakland Athletics to alter their schedules.  The 360 show is so massive that it takes day to build and tear down, with its giant space-ship like stage.  Katy Feeny, a MLB executive had this to say about the scheduling conflicts:

“They’ve become my least-favorite band — which has nothing to do with their songs, talent or anything else.

Because of the magnitude of the tour and sheer size of the stage, they require 10 days to set up the concert and then break it down. That’s an unusually long period of time [compared to other concerts].”

I saw the 360 show last fall in DC.  It was the most visually amazing show I’ve been to.  Unlike a lot of other stadium tours, U2 constantly try to challenge their audience while at the same time achieving mass appeal.  No easy feat.  No disrespect to the MLB, but there about 300 games a season.  I can catch one any time I want.  (That’s if you want to call watching the Baltimore Orioles a game.) But how often do you get to see a show looks like a space-ship in your town?

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