Foxboro Hot Tubs Return

I was pretty excited to read that Foxboro Hot Tubs (aka Green Day plus a couple of other dudes) recently played a secret show in New York.  I’ve always been a big fan of Green Day, especially American Idiot. After the American Idiot-era ended for the band, I stated to one of my friends that Green Day should do a dirty rock and roll album next.  I was partially right – they released that album Stop Drop and Roll!! under the Foxboro Hot Tubs moniker.  But as Green Day, they released the follow-up to Idiot with the subpar 21st Century Breakdown. 21st Century isn’t particularly bad – it just takes the worst parts of American Idiot without bringing the quality of songs that made that album a classic.   And now American Idiot is a musical on Broadway.  A while back, I stated my thoughts on the American Idiot musical.  For the moment it seems band that got big singing about masturbation and getting high, things are entirely too serious.

Which is why I’m glad that Foxboro Hot Tubs are back – or at the very least, Green Day haven’t forgotten about being ridiclious.  Stop Drop and Roll!! isn’t meant to change the world.  It’s dirty garage rock that could have easily been made in the mid 1960’s – most of the inspiration seems to come from 60’s British garage rock.  Unlike a lot of other modern-day garage rock bands (The Strokes and The White Stripes I’m looking at you) Stop Drop and Roll!! doesn’t try to authenticate itself and present itself as the savior of rock and roll.  By choosing that route, Foxboro Hot Tubs by accident created perhaps the best garage-rock album of the decade.  Every song is filled with killer hooks, and chunky guitar riffs taken from classic early singles by The Who and The Kinks.  It’s everything that 21st Century Breakdown is not, and is all the better for it.  I’m all for changing the world through music, but even Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan know how to have to fun sometimes.

Check out “Mother Mary”:

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