Wolf Like Me

“Wolf Like Me” by Tv on the Radio is a song that I never get tired of hearing.  It’s been on my top played songs on Itunes ever since I got TV On The Radio’s Return to Cookie Mountain in 2007.  The song with its fuzz guitars and pounding drums lives up to its title – its a monster of song.  It’s also the most conventional song on Cookie Mountain (of course that’s not saying much.)

On the surface, it seems that the song is sung from the perspective on a were-wolf.  But really, the werewolf persona is just a guise for a man wanting to have sex.  At first, he considers going somewhere with the girl. “We jet in a stolen car,” lead singer Tunde Adebimpe suggests.    But then he quickly changes his mind.  “But I bet we wouldn’t get too far.”

The situation heats up literally and so does the music.  “Gonna teach you tricks that’ll blow your mongrel mind. “Adibempe snarls.  It’s clear that he doesn’t really have any respect for the girl, but he’s ready to show her who is in charge.  And he doesn’t care what type of girl she is either – “Baby doll I recognize that you’re a hideous thing inside.”   It has to be quick too in case there is any second thoughts: “We’ve got til noon, here comes the moon”.

The final verse reveals a bit of remorse.  Perhaps he does feel bad.  “Got a curse we cannot lift,” Adibempe admits finally.  Perhaps they are both monsters together.  “Tell your grandma and mama it’s true – we’re howling forever.”

Check out the performance from Letterman in 2007:


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