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Just read an article on Pavement’s reunion from   I like Pavement (actually just bought their best of CD Quarantine the Past) but I find Stephen Malkmus comments about reunion rather odd:

“If you’re 40, and you leave your family and fly to Australia to do shows, and you’re doing it for the art, that seems kind of weird. If you’re doing it for the art, stay home with your family.”

I understand wanting to get paid, but isn’t the point of making art to show it to people?  So you just want people who make art to stay at home and show it only to their families, Stephen?  This goes down as one of the most ridiculous things a musician has said recently.  At least one musician (who originally started out with modest sales) has something substantial to say about art in music.

Iggy Pop from a Clash magazine 2010 interview:

That wasn’t the dream. Maybe for some of the other guys – I never talked to anybody about this, including the guys in the band – but my dream was just to do something really good and really cool. I didn’t think I’d heard music that sold millions – the really good music that sold millions was by people much more accomplished than us, so I knew we weren’t gonna sell like that. And the bad stuff that sold millions, I thought, ‘I don’t care about that, because if we make an album and we’re better and we just sell a few, I would rather be the guy to do something better selling a few than be the fuckin’ schmidiot idiot selling a bunch of shit.’

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