Revisiting Nevermind

I have a love hate relationship with Nirvana.  Sometimes (okay most of the time) I think they’re over-rated.  I find that Nevermind is too slick, and those who think (and I know you’re out there) it’s a raw record, well just listen to Raw Power and get back to me.   I’m listening to it now for the first time for in a few years and perhaps I’ve been too critical of it.  Perhaps a bit of perspective will do that.

Among my observations:

– All of the songs are good. There’s really not a bad song on it.  They’re not all great, but there’s none that are as unlistenable as I previously thought.

Drain You might Nirvana’s best song.  It’s break-down instrumental is like the punk-rock version of Whole Lotta Love.  Feedback and a noise orgy instead of Robert Plant moaning while Jimmy Page masturbates with his guitar.  Awesome.

Something in The Way is a hauntingly beautiful song.

My biggest complaint is that the instrumental at the end of Something in the Way is 10 minutes after the song ends.  This is one of the best moments of the record.  While I am one for preserving the actual album in the digital age, can we also make this track download or at least split up on Itunes?


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2 responses to “Revisiting Nevermind

  1. I agree with 90% of this. Depending on your current mood as well, because I have my moods where I only listen to a few songs. And other times where I want to have a headbanging session to by myself! I would like to point out that “Nevermind” is Nirvana’s best album. With that being said, I think this cd is eternally classic. Grunge is alive whenever Nirvana is played. Period

  2. Matt Satterfield

    Thanks Jamal. A good portion of this CD is pure energy. I actually prefer the last half of the album to the first. I tend to like In Utero better because it’s uncompromising.

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