M.I.A. Producer Talks New Album

Like a lot of people, I’m excited for M.I.A.’s follow-up to Kala.   I don’t think since Bob Marley has their been a music star thats been representative of the third world.  (If I’m wrong about that, let me know.)  MTV News sat down with producer Diplo who’s been working on the album with M.I.A.  Diplo describes the album as thus: “All kinds of different sounds. We did, like, a punk thing. … It’s weird.”  

I’m sure the album will be interesting, and probably pretty good – but this “preview” sounds exactly like M.I.A.’s previous works.  I’m not judging M.I.A.’s music here, but either Diplo is being coy (possibly) or doesn’t have any other words to describe the music that is being made.  M.I.A. weird, really?  That’s all you got to say?   

Because “Paper Planes” blew up and became a massive hit, it sounds somewhat normal now.  But the rest of Kala is full of strange sounds – combined with third-world influences, and samples by The Pixies and The Clash (“Where is My Mind” and “Straight to Hell” respectively).  The rest of the album isn’t nearly as catchy as “Paper Planes” and to me that’s part of its appeal.  M.I.A. made a fantastic album on her own terms.  Knowing her, the follow-up will be good, but calling M.I.A. “weird” just seems superfluous to me.


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