It’s Too Late To Stop Now


Van Morrison’s It’s Too Late To Stop Now, might be the greatest live album of all time.  It show Van Morrison at the height of his powers – a collection of jazz, rock and r&b all performed immaculately.  It’s also the perfect album for spring time – every song possesses a warmth that is perfect for having the windows down, or taking a stroll on the beach.  

The version of “Into the Mystic” remains one of the greatest things ever put to vinyl.  While the original is great, Morrison commands the song especially at the end of each chorus where he ad-libs his patented non-verbal vocals.  “Cypress Avenue” transforms itself from a free-jazz exploration into a monster of a show-stopper.



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2 responses to “It’s Too Late To Stop Now

  1. The Other Matt

    Matt you should write more pieces like this one. Few people talk about Van Morrison, and prior to you I had very little interest in him.

    I think your strength lies in writing very specific pieces – stuff that’s focused on minute details.

    Like maybe analyze one song, or a passage from a song, instead of an entire discography or specific release.

  2. Matt Satterfield

    Thanks Matt. Van Morrison is one of my favorites and a lot of people don’t know the depth of his work they only know the “hits”. He’s not like Dylan where there’s songs that aren’t “hits” that tons of people know.

    But yeah – I like writing this kind of stuff. Any other ideas?

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