Saturday Night Live Musical Guests

I just watched Pearl Jam’s performance from last night’s Saturday Night Live.  It certainly wasn’t bad – the band seemed in good spirits.  If Backspacer was designed to bring fans back into the fold, Pearl Jam certainly isn’t going to do it with the song selection from last night.  No one watching Saturday Night Live last night is thinking, “Shit that Pearl Jam song was pretty good – I must have missed out these last 15 years.”  

Which also leads me to wonder – is Saturday Night Live still relevant for its musical guests?  (I’m not even going to touch on what I think of Saturday Night Live as a whole.)  With the popularity of concert DVDs and Youtube I’d say no.  When I was younger I used to ask my mother to tape SNL when R.E.M. was on.  Since I was too young to go to concerts at the time, it was a chance for me to hear what their songs sounded like live.  Now you can just Youtube performances 5 minutes after the band finishes performing.  


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