Who Remembers This…?

I’m kind of at a block for something to write about today.  I was listening to Bowie’s “Heroes” and then was reminded of The Wallflower’s version. I didn’t particularly like the Wallflowers at the time, and all the girls I knew in high seemed obsessed with Jakob Dylan. (I heard his solo stuff is supposed to be good, but I’ll refrain judgment on that as of yet.)  When this came out I remember thinking, “Wow the Wallflowers actually wrote a good song!”  (I’m ashamed to admit that when was I was 15 I didn’t know it was a David Bowie cover.)  The times they have-a changed my friends.  

 But as I’m listening to it (it’s better to avoid watching the video as it’s from the Godzilla soundtrack) I’m left to wonder what was Jakob Dylan thinking?  Musically it’s not embarrassing, but for the first verse of the song he’s singing like Christian Bale as Batman.  For a song that often noted as showcasing Bowie’s vocal talents it’s odd that Jakob Dylan would sing like that.  

Maybe I’ll update more later.

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