Broken Bells

I haven’t checked out any new music lately but I’m kind of intrigued by Broken Bells.  I’ve liked pretty much everything that Danger Mouse has put his hands on – his production on Modern Guilt gave Beck the best album since Odelay.   I’m also probably one of the few people that owns the second Gnarls Barkley CD (The Odd Couple) and listens to it on occasion.   As for The Shins – well I’m let’s just say I’m pissed at Natalie Portman.  Seriously though – for all the hyperbole and hype The Shins just seemed very middle of the road to me – and mediocrity is worse than absolute suckiness in my opinion in music.  But I’ve always liked James Mercer’s voice.  Add that with Danger Mouse’s psychedelic-funk hip-hop and this could be a very intriguing group.


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