Allmusic and Fact-Checking

Apparently Allmusic isn’t entirely devoid of errors.   It’s not surprising since every major source of information has (at least at one point or another) has gotten their facts mixed up.  Granted Allmusic isn’t Wikipedia, but it does make me think twice before using it as my only source.  

That being said though, I am a big fan of   They’ve always seemed to have a pretty good gauge of an album’s worth.  Plus if you can on a review of the album, many (but not all) have reviews of individual songs.  For someone who is obsessed with music as me, this is an interesting tool.  It also showcases many genres of music, not just focusing on popular music.  There was a great feature on a Love Supreme a week or so ago, that I found enlightening.

If you’re into music, it’s worth a look.


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