Olympic Musings

So far, I’ve enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics this year.  I feel as if it’s a warm up for the World Cup later in the summer, which I am already pumped at thought of.   It’s great the summer and the winter Olympics alternate but the unfortunate side effect is that viewers have to see Bob Costas nightly every two years instead of every four.  

Since this year the Olympics are in Vancouver, we’re treated to mini documentaries about what life in Canada is really like.  For instance, did you know there are Polar Bears in Canada?  Thank God NBC taught us that.  I can see a Polar Bear at the Baltimore Zoo.  When you devote only four hours of competition nightly, why is there a segment devoted to Polar Bears?  While I’m being obnoxious I’ll also go on the record and state that Julia Mancuso seems like a brat.  When Lindsey Vonn fell yesterday during one of her runs, Mancuso  was waved off to avoid running into her teammate.  Later  she was seen crying at the bottom of the hill.  And on top of that she wears a tiara?  Seriously?  

The great thing about the Olympics is that during an economic crisis, wars world-wide for 16 days, the world can get together and watch the best athletes come together and represent their countries.  Unlike music and literature (which I will argue is actually more inspiring but that’s another issue) there’s no question about who is the best.  It’s not a question of taste.  Everyone can look at Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn or Apolo Ohno and say, “Those guys are fucking great at what they do.”


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