John Mayer’s Mouth




I’ve never been a fan of John Mayer.  The dude can play guitar for sure.  But it’s been a long time since a musician has become so self-absorbed.  It’s hard to imagine a musician who also is so insistent on squandering his own talent.  Even before the infamous Playboy interview, it was always apparent that he would open his mouth a little too-wide and regret it.  Like his idol Eric Clapton, Mayer said something insensitive, dumb, and degrading.  Clapton’s remark about British immigration was more or less forgotten.  Mayer’s of course (shouldn’t and) won’t be forgotten.  Part of this has to due to with the digital age we live in, and how fast information travels.

I for one, don’t buy his apology.  Using the racial slur was bad enough, but his apology was even more offensive, I think.  In his apology (which of course he had to Tweet) he writes: “It was arrogant of me to think I could intellectualize using it, because I realize that there’s no intellectualizing a word that is so emotionally charged.”  Who the hell does Mayer think he is?  Did he think that for a second that he was some great African-American scholar?  

As someone who plays blues and has such respect for the blues, Mayer should know better.  Regarding his comments about his dick being a white supremacist, I’m not sure if he was trying to be funny or “intellectual”.  But either way, it showed his true color – in his using of the racial slur, he said he wasn’t getting a “hood pass”.  Ironically, he was telling everyone he did by using that word.

A word to the wise Mr. Mayer – disappear for a while.  Close your Twitter account.  If you still want to make music fine – just make it about the music.  And shut your mouth.


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