Leno, Conan Etc

I haven’t really watched any late-night TV in a while.  But I find the whole Leno/Conan debate to be problematic and disturbing.  It’s obvious that NBC stuck with Leno for multiple reasons.  First of all, it’s all about money.  When he hosted the Tonight Show, for the better part of the decade he consistently had better rating than Letterman.  Also, Leno is less controversial than Letterman – he is nicer in his jokes.  

But that doesn’t mean that I would consider Leno a nice-guy.  It’s obvious that his new show lacks a punch.  It’s been critically mauled, and yet he has the balls to bitch about his contract?  He gets what he wants, by having his show moved back to late-night.  Meanwhile, Conan is left in limbo.  He was never given a chance by NBC.  So it’s no surprise that he’s taken the high-ground and refused to move his show.

I also find fault with the NBC affliates who bitch that people turned off the station when Leno’s new incarnation came on, and didn’t lead into the news. Bah, I say.  Do these people really think that News station are owed any loyalty?  Maybe a few decades ago, I’d say.  But really, most of the local news is sensationalization without offering any real substance.  One of the Baltimore stations offers “The I-Team” which basically “investigates” faux-problems which apparently everyone in the Baltimore area should know about.  One segment focused on buying used mattresses from a shady-looking store in the hood.  Really?  Thanks for the update I-Team.  

Now thanks to the demise of Leno’s new show, we’re going to get a bunch of craptastic new shows on NBC.  The NBC affliates will still keep giving us stuff like the I-Team. Leno will get his old time slot, and the real talent Conan will be stuck.


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