Mad Men

Did anyone else see last night’s episode of Mad Men?  I’ve got to say, it was one the best hours of television.  Ever since The Wire finished, I needed a show to fill the void.  Last season’s Mad Men was pretty good, but I wasn’t totally sold.  It seemed a little too Don-centric for my taste.  Not that I don’t think Don Draper isn’t interesting (he is) but the show is also full of other great characters that somehow got pushed aside for Don’s story. 

Last season seemed focused on the individual, and this season seems to be focused on relationships and specifically generational relationships, which makes for a much more interesting story arc.  Also the tension and stakes are higher this season as the show is set in 1963.   All of it, of course is leading up to the Kennedy Assasination.

Handling a situation like this could have been a disaster focusing too much on the actual events.  Instead, we see how it affects each character. Pete Campbell, who until recently has been kind of a jack-ass, is surprisingly tender when he tells his wife that he does not want to attend his boss’s daughter’s wedding because of what just happened.   It’s no coincidence that Betty tells Don that she no longer loves him at the end of the episode.  Everything has changed, and nothing will be the same.  Don himself seems to acknowledge that much when he finally succumbs to let his kids watch the news reports.  

On a lighter, but Mad Men related note, I found this while trying to find clips of the episode on Youtube.  

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