Amelia (Quite Possibly The Worst Movie of The Year)



So yesterday, I wrote about Where The Wild Things Are which got my vote for best movie of the year.  Well, today I nominate Amelia as the worst movie of the year. I would vote Transformers 2 as the culprit, but that movie was soooo bad that it gets a nomination for one of the worst of the decade.  

But where to start with Amelia?  Usually I like Hilary Swank, but she was not convincing portraying a woman who broke barriers for both aviation and women. You’re seriously going to tell me that a woman who flew solo across the Atlantic is as boring as my empty box of cereal?  Anything excitement that Amelia  Earheart had in her life is gone.  The movie spent so much time concentrating on her love life, and forgot why people were interested in her in the first place: flying.  There was no character development of Swank’s Earheart.  Based on the movie, I have no idea what got her into flying.  

Richard Gere as her husband gets a lot of blame too.  Upon hearing that his wife made it safely across the Altantic, an apparently relieved (though you wouldn’t know it) Gere shouts, “Wonderful news!”  Who says that?  

The worst (and best part depending on your view) is Earheart’s fated trip to cross the globe.  Apparently one of the radios at a coast guard station was broken, so Earheart had no idea where she was.  But there was one mention of this mishap, and meanwhile I’m supposed to be in suspense?  If the climax of a movie is dependent on a character’s major fuck-up, please add some depth to it!  

The real tragedy is that this could have been a great movie.  But somewhere, somebody forgot to create an actual convincing story out of events that gripped the world in the late 1920’s and 1930’s.


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