Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are, gets my vote for possibly the best movie of the year.   Even though, I remember reading the book as a kid, I don’t really remember much about it other than the imagery.  I loved the illustrations, and I’m willing to bet that plays a huge part on its lasting presence in children’s literature.  

As a kid, I had a wild (haha) imagination, and would often pretend that I was in a different world much like Max.  And the characters in my own mind, were an extension of my personality or a version of myself that I wanted to be.   This emphasis on imagination might be why when some parents (and critics) have bitched about the movie not being for kids. Kids use imagination to deal with their problems and sort out what is bothering them.  At the end of the movie, Max discovers much about life, and himself that he perhaps otherwise couldn’t.  

Speaking of  people complaining that it’s not a kid’s movie…the marketing is clearly aimed at people like this guy.


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