Carly Simon Sues For Terrible Album



This made me laugh today.  Carly Simon decides she is going to sue Starbucks because her album flopped?  I didn’t know you could sue for making sub-par music.  But the real kicker is this:  “This Kind of Love, [was] an album that Simon had hoped would be successful enough that she could stop recording.”   So Carly, you’re going to record an album, just so you can live nicely?  

Now granted this sort of thing happens all the time.  Leonard Cohen has gone on the record as saying that he has gone on tour for the first time in years because of financial issues.  Okay, I get it.  But I don’t think that Uncle Lenny (as a friend of mine calls him) would sue over a lack of tickets sales.  

This sort of vanity that Carly Simon inhibits is the problem of the music industry at the moment.  Everyone expects something, without giving anything back.  If she had toured more often, and promoted her albums like most musicians, she would have a loyal fanbase who would have bought her new album.  

I’m just waiting for a one-hit wonder to pull this shit, and sue their fans for “lack of interest”.


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