Beatles Remasters (Part 2)

I didn’t buy “Abbey Road” afterall.  (That’s coming, though.)  But I did buy “Revolver” (I only had the partial album for some reason) “Help!” and of course “A Hard Day’s Night”.   Consensus?  Amazing.  The sound is pretty much everything I expected, and more.  I must have listened to “Tomorrow Never Knows” at least 8 times today.  It sounds richer, and fuller.  I also heard sounds in the mix that I never heard before.  

One of the highlights for me, has been Paul McCartney.  I’ve always been a big fan of him, as I think he’s one of the few absolute geniuses in rock and roll.  That being said, it sometimes can be easy to forget how great of a bass player he is.  With the remasters, there’s no doubt.  The bass is thick and full, giving a new life to the songs that I’ve heard hundreds of times before.  There’s also a lot of subtleties in the vocal harmonies, that I’ve either never heard before, or with the new mix have become more prominent.  

Most of all though, I’m glad there’s a new wave of Beatlemania in the air.  The world is never going to get another band like the Beatles.  (More on that later, as I’m working on an entire entry on that.)  Sometimes my music snobbery gets in the way, and I feel obligated to only like lesser known bands.  Or sometimes I dismiss smaller groups for getting big and gaining a new audience – like Kings of Leon.  

But the Beatles proved you can have it both ways.  You can make interesting and amazing music, and still connect with a mass audience.  My only issue?  I wish I had been there.


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